isn’t it weird when people can just tell you’re having a bad time? like a shitty ass day and you want to just go sleep forever?

i like those people. the people that don’t get in your business, but are just there and comforting. people that realize you’re going through shit and care enough not to be an asshole about it.

REALLY FUCKING COOL. when you see people peer into your office/cubicle thing to see you and then whisper about you.

wtf ladies? i’m not just imagining this. it just happened. 

i have no makeup on and it’s really bothering some people. 

also, i realized it actually looks like it got punched in the eye. like someone sucker punched me right in the face, but i assure everyone that it’s just a fucking zit. like one of those ones weirdly below the surface that hurt like hell. i didn’t make an effort to cover it up so that people can feel normal around me.

i never thought it would be this big of a deal. yeeeeesh.

i go to work with zero makeup on, and i get told that i “really don’t look okay. can i help you?” well. i’m not okay. that’s why i didn’t wear makeup because other things are more important than putting goop on my face so everyone can be alright with looking at me. i love makeup, but there are some days i don’t want to spend an extra 15 minutes putting shit on my face. and when i don’t wear makeup, i don’t look “fresh-faced,” i look like i got run over by a truck.

so whatever forever.




why is the mom telling her daughter she’s ready to shave?

why is the mom calling her daughter mom

maybe they are each other’s moms

what me

i pass through the cafe and i’m given free food. thanks, right place + right time!

once, i felt really bad from the night before and i was in my bed at my parents’ house. i couldn’t get over how shitty i felt. all of a sudden, i felt a hand rubbing my back, as if to comfort me and let me know i’ll be okay. probably my mom’s dad who died in the house. i told my mom i felt a comforting hand and she assured me it was her dad. he died in the house and probably hangs out there to make sure everyone’s alright. 

cool huh

it’s always a stupid time when you realize you miss someone.


This is really fucking powerful.