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if your boyfriend cheats on you, then you get as many margaritas ad you want to deal with the pain. I’m numb.


Freeze, please.



my father told me once to never date anyone who talks smoothly around you from the start because if someone likes you they should be a little nervous and honestly i think that’s some of the best advice anyone has ever given me


If you think a girl is cute and awesome and really cool and genuinely like her but won’t date her because she’s chubby or fat and you don’t want people to judge you for it then please remember you’re a piece of shit okay, promise


SPOTLIGHT: Cari Vander Yacht Remixed Vintage Photo’s Into Humorous Animated Gifs

Portland, Oregon-based artist Cari Vander Yacht scans vintage photos from thrift stores and converts them into these hilarious GIFS. 

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waking up and realizing you slept through your alarm


bringing personal shit to work and then taking it out on your people is not cool. 


Yessss dude

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